Top 3 Vacation Spot In The World

Hello Guys welcome again with a new and interesting article. If you are reading this article then I think so you are planning to go on vacation or want to go in this wonderful top 3 vacation spot in the world, so what are you waiting for Here in the following article I will be describing top 3 vacation spot in the world.

Top 3 Vacation Spot In The World


Egypt when most people think of vacation they want the sun the ocean and escape from everyday life well Egypt has one of those and if relaxing on the sand is your thing then we can talk it up to two once the land of the pharaohs beetles incestuous god and slaves,

The modern Egyptian world offers a glimpse of what was once a rich ancient civilization tourism in Egypt became popular in the mid 90s peaked around 2010 he pretty much dropped   off after the whole revolution fiasco in 2011 while it may not be considered a luxury vacation spot anymore the pyramids and tombs still making enriching vacation spot for landmarks, of course, a must-see is the great pyramid of Giza which like many other pyramids were built around 5500 (five thousand five hundred) years ago by the aliens,

I mean Egyptian slaves as burial grounds for the leaders and people of importance/wealth 455 (four hundred fifty-five) feet tall the Great pyramid is one of the largest wonders of the ancient world and has led to much controversy over exactly how it was made nearby – the pyramid lies the Great Sphinx a 66 foot replica of the mythological creature you guessed it the Sphinx these two landmarks have become synonymous with Egypt frequently appearing on postcards and send those annoying family pictures on Facebook we all pretend to enjoy seeing.


2.New York

New York may not have the infamy of Las Vegas or the luxurious atmosphere of the Bahamas but New York is still packed tight with parks museums national landmarks and architectural feats the first must-see in New York is Central Park nearly 850 (eight hundred fifty) acres wide it is one of the largest urban parks in the world visitors can experience the Central Park Zoo Belvedere Castle and the famous Lasker rink if it’s winter of course for the history buffs or families with children.

New York’s museums housed world-famous exhibits and pieces that attract millions every year in fact the city’s museums recently saw 20 percent increase in visitors that has been credited to the recent Night at the Museum true finally there’s no way you could even think about visiting New York without going to go see the statue of Liberty gifted to the United States on Octobers 28 1886 the statue is proudly stood in Manhattan as a symbol of patriotism and freedom for nearly 130 (one hundred and thirty) years the statue stands 151 (one hundred fifty-one) feet tall and currently stands as one in New York’s largest and busiest tourist attractions featured many iconic franchises such as x-men Planet of the Apes Ghostbusters and even Cloverfield statues one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.


3.Las Vegas

Las Vegas or as many people know at the strip Sin City and lost wages, believe it or not, Las Vegas is stigma of gambling and showgirls dates back to its very beginning or more specifically the building of the Hoover Dam as workers flooded in from around the country the mainly male workforce was left with brimming pockets and a lust for entertainment this eventually led to the legalization of gambling in Las Vegas creating the strip of casinos and hotels as we know today.

The strip is the name given to a four mile long street of luxury and resort hotels and stands as one of Aces main attractions it is most popular at night with the city’s buildings and attractions lit up to paint the city bold just a concur to the popularity of the strip it contains 15 (fifteen) of the top 25 (twenty-five) world’s largest hotels funnily enough the strip technically isn’t even located in Las Vegas as allies just south of the city’s limits if the gambling and debauchery of the strip aren’t your thing the strip also houses much other attraction including the Bellagio fountains a 15-minute aquatic spectacle the place through afternoon and evening each show contains random aspects and theatrical music making each and every night a unique experience that delights visitors.

If you lean more towards sightseeing one of the most beautiful views of Las Vegas is found to top the high roller well being told to go to the equivalent of a glorified Ferris wheel may seem boring it is most definitely a sight to see this 550 (five hundred fifty) foot tall behemoth is the world’s largest observation wheel and as sunset rotation is credited as one most beautiful sites in the world. I hope this article has helped you a little and it was interesting. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for other interesting articles.

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